When you are the sole decision-maker, philanthropy can be a lonely job. Often, individual philanthropists find it hard to get the impartial information needed to maximize the impact of their giving. We offer one-on-one coaching and personalized consulting services that help you realize the full rewards of being a philanthropist.

Philanthropy Associates also acts as “temporary staff” for individuals. We provide professional, impartial and confidential program and process advice based on over two decades of research, analysis, and experience in the philanthropic field, giving individual philanthropists the ability to make gifts with the same confidence as the director of a large foundation.

In foundations with few staff members, Philanthropy Associates helps key individuals identify and resolve many of the challenges faced by solo decision-makers. For those looking to add their first staff members, Philanthropy Associates helps design and implement a transition plan that increases involvement of others while preserving donor influence and values.

If you feel “on your own,” our expert personal philanthropic coaches will help you. Please contact us to set up an initial discussion of your interests and objectives, and to create a deeply satisfying philanthropic plan that connects you to other like-minded donors.