No two foundations are exactly alike, but most do share many common challenges. Philanthropy Associates works with all types and sizes of foundations to help address their core concerns and meet their philanthropic objectives.

We have taken on a wide range of projects: from helping a foundation with no staff hire its first employee, to designing a multi-million dollar conservation program for one of the world's largest foundations.

Many of our clients seek help with internal communication and decision-making challenges. Board retreats, strategic planning sessions and other important meetings can often be greatly improved with some expert assistance in planning and facilitation.

We have also tackled projects such as coaching a new Executive Director on how to build skills and good working relationships among her small, inexperienced staff; mediating between two factions in a family foundation who were feuding like the Hatfields and McCoys; and advising a retiring founder on how to develop the next generation of foundation leadership.

After an initial, complementary assessment, we should be able to identify areas where we can assist you with improving your foundations operations and output. Through our network of philanthropic advisors, we can also refer you to experts in related fields, such as foundation law, public relations and information technologies who can help you if you need assistance with those specialized areas.

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